7 Great Resources of Protein



Our body needs lots of protein supply to build and repair lean muscle tissue and it is very important to healthy hair and strong nails. It is also known as a main component in a variety of other things inside the human body, including cartilage and skin. Obviously, if you want to be strong and health you will need to eat protein every single day.

Here are 7 of the best sources of protein for those who looking to stay youthful and in shape.

Fatty Fish

It might sound strange to have anything “fatty” at the top of the list of anything healthy, but the omega 3 fatty acids found in the fatty tissue of some fish sources can do amazing things for your body. Besides being packed with protein, fish such as salmon will keep your heart and brain healthy and youthful when eaten consistently.

Chicken Breasts

As long as you don’t fry it in grease or bread it in refined white carbs, chicken breasts are an excellent source of protein. 4 ounces of grilled chicken will give you over 40 grams of protein with few calories and limited fat.

Extra Lean Ground Turkey

This is an excellent substitution for fatty ground beef because it delivers tons of protein without the artery-clogging grease. Slip it into spaghetti sauce or other dishes and no one will even notice the difference…but your waistline will! 4 ounces will give you about 26 grams of protein.


Beans are an excellent source of protein for vegetarians and those who have doctor’s orders to cut back on meat consumption. They are also packed with fiber which will help control weight and keep the body cleaner internally. You can purchase canned beans for extra convenience, but use dried if you are concerned with sodium.


Slip an ounce of raw whole almonds into your lunch or snack and give yourself 6 delicious grams of protein. Walnuts are great for adding into baked goods, such as banana nut bread made with whole wheat flour and a sugar substitute.

Egg Whites

One large egg white will give you 4 grams of protein with only 16 calories! Plus, egg whites are fat free. Try blending one large egg with a few egg whites to create a low fat cheese and veggie omelet that really delivers a protein punch. Boiled eggs are also great sources of protein that fit well into a tighter food budget, though you have to watch the saturated fat in the egg yolk.


Soy protein is another excellent option for those trying to stay away from meat. It is often advised for people trying to lower cholesterol levels, since it doesn’t contain the fats that come with high protein meat sources.

Of course, there are also a variety of protein supplements on the market right now including protein powders that can be added into milkshakes or smoothies and protein bars. Be aware of the calories and fat that may be in these products, but they can be used when in a pinch for time.

The best way to get your protein is to find real foods which contain high concentrations of protein with low calories and fat. This will give your body what it needs to build up new muscle, repair muscle tissue after an intense workout, and carry on with all the other bodily functions required to keep you healthy and fit.