7 Interesting facts about breasts

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Breasts are probably the most beautiful part of the female body.  This part is also one of the things that is always considered first by men.

Women themselves are aware of the existence of their breasts, but not much knows about it. So try to know some interesting facts about breasts as quoted by Indiatimes below.

Left Breast
Left breast is usually larger. It’s hard to distinguish, but the left breast is always greater than the right. Likewise is the nipples, in addition to different sizes, this part points in different directions.

Hair on breasts
Every woman has hair in the areola. Most do not like it, but there are about 2-15 strands of hair that can grow. Breasts can be affected by acne or blackheads. So do not be lazy to maintain the beauty and cleanliness.

Heavy breasts
The average weight of the breast is a half kilogram. Breast also contributes for 4-5 percent body fat, or one percent of the total weight of a woman. Breasts can grow fat as women age. Remember, too, that smokers have more sagging breasts than non-smokers.

Breast Implants
More than two million women have fake breasts. This figure shows many women are thinking about breast carefully. But not all women are satisfied with the results of their implants.

When aroused
When aroused, a woman’s breasts become larger and more tense.

Breast shakes
Jogging, running, aerobics and other physical activities can cause breast shake. So always use the right bra to minimize the shock that can cause the breasts to sag.

Breast shape
Breast shape may change if you sleep face down. So keep sleeping position to maintain the firmness and shape of breasts. Best sleeping position is  by putting a pillow under the breasts to support.

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