7 negative effects of dehydration while running


negative effects of dehydration while runningRunning is one way to keep in shape. But do not forget to meet fluid needs. Do not let you feel the negative effects of dehydration while running as quoted from All Women Stalk as following.

Dry mouth
One of the signs of dehydration are dry mouth. Sometimes in the middle of running activity, dehydration can also cause head ache.

Muscle aches
Running correctly will not make your body ache. However, if you experience muscle pain, it can be caused by dehydration.

Subsequent negative effects of dehydration while running is a small amount when you urinate. If left unchecked, the body is at risk of suffering from kidney damage.

Difficulty concentrating
If you begin to find it difficult to focus and concentrate when running, it means you are being dehydrated. Stop the activity used to run and get a drink of water as much as possible.

Sometimes blood pressure dropped dramatically due to dehydration. So head became dizzy and body began to tremble. Return the body to normal condition by drinking.

Faster heart rates
Increasingly severe dehydration makes the heart beat faster rate. The water should be drunk immediately and if necessary, you should seek immediate medical assistance.

Fatigue for days
Usually exhaustion after running only lasts a few hours. But when you are tired for days, it means you are dehydrated.

Those are the negative effects of dehydration while running. From now on, do not be lazy to drink water during exercise!