7 Reasons for late period besides pregnancy


7 Reasons for late period besides pregnancy

For those of you who are not trying to get pregnant, late menstruation often confuse you. In fact other than pregnancy occurs, many things can be a late arrival of your monthly.

No need to panic, as reported from womenshealthmag.com, this is the reason why guests often come irregular monthly.

Drastic weight loss
Weight loss that occurs can drastically interfere with the smooth running of your monthly circulation. Because the egg you are not able to ovulate properly because your body does not have a lot of estrogen in it.

If you are stressed, there are parts of the brain that functions to regulate the menstrual cycle affected. Part is called the hypothalamus which highly sensitive to stress.

Problems with the thyroid
The thyroid gland is located in your neck in addition serves to regulate the body’s metabolism also other body systems. Therefore when your thyroid gland problem, it can have an impact on your monthly cycle as well.

ovarian disorders
Ovarian disorders such as polycystic ovary Symptom or PCOS can interfere with your monthly cycle. Because PCOS itself is an imbalance of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone can reduce ovulation. It is able to make your menstrual cycle is irregular.

chronic disease
Chronic diseases such as celiac disease also can make your menstrual cycle late. Celiac disease itself is a disease characterized by gluten intolerance.

Use of contraception
Use of contraception can cause delayed effects of menstruation. Because some contraceptives such as injections, IUDs, or birth control pills can disrupt your body’s hormones.

early menopause
Menopause is usually experienced by women at the age of 40 years. However, if under the age of menopause occurs, it can cause a disruption of your menstrual cycle.

Hormones play an important role to regulate your menstrual cycle. Therefore, in order to keep your hormone health of your monthly cycle is not interrupted.