7 reasons to eat more green beans


7 reasons to eat more green beans

Green bean is a vegetable that comes from the family of nuts. It turns out that green beans  save a lot of health benefits because it contains high fiber and protein in it.

Here are the health benefits of green beans:

Healthy heart
Since green beans can lower LDL or bad cholesterol levels in your body, then your heart health can be maintained. Green beans also contain fiber, folate, and potassium to prevent cardiovascular complications.

Blood circulation
Iron presented in green beans can improve the production of hemoglobin that allows blood to transport more oxygen around the body so that the blood circulation is more smoothly.

Strengthen bones
Green beans contain calcium and phosphorus that are beneficial for your bones.

Cleanse the digestive system
The high fiber in green beans can cleanse your digestive system from toxins and prevent irritation of the large intestine.

Good for diabetics
The low glycemic index of green beans and vegetables are good to be consumed by diabetics.  Green beans also contain glyconutrients that help control your blood sugar levels.

Calms the mind
Hypoglycemic properties in green beans can calm the nerves, reduce stress levels, and can increase your mental health. As a result your mind will be more calm and under control.

Recommended for pregnant women
Folic acid content in green beans is beneficial to prevent birth defects. while vitamin K can increase the development of the fetus.

In addition to these benefits, green beans contain vitamin A, B, K and minerals such as potassium and have high beneficial for overall health.