7 Signs a diet enters a dangerous phase


Signs a diet enters a dangerous phaseWeight loss program should be undertaken with a reasonable manner and not excessive in order to maintain overall body health. So if you find any signs of a diet leading to a dangerous phase as quoted from All Women Stalk below, you should stop your weight loss program.

Too fast
One of the unusual diet is losing weight too fast. While you certainly want to be thin, you should not use a method to get slim instantly. Besides not effective, the health of the body would be disturbed.

Friend’s comment 
What do people around you say when you are trying to lose weight? Do not just think that they are jealous when someone says that you look so skinny and different. It could be that there is a wrong method in the diet that you do.

Skipping meals
One sign that a diet starts to enter a dangerous phase is that you have the habit of skipping meals. Remember, no weight loss program gives such advice. Be careful about making rules because it could be harmful to health.

Clothing size
Are you obsessed with getting a certain waist size so that it can fit small clothing to wear? If so, you definitely will directly do a dangerous and unnatural diet. Remember, a healthy diet is one who is not obsessed on the numbers alone, but also overall health.

Avoiding foods
Almost the same as skipping meals, you do not need to avoid invitations to eat with friends or family while being on a diet. As long as you can control the menu of food ordered at a restaurant, you are in the right path.

Physical condition
Do you experience physical changes when dieting besides waist size? For example, feeling dizzy, weak, lethargic, and others. It could be an indication that you are entering a dangerous phase of the diet because you are getting thin too fast.

Excessive exercise
Exercise is healthy. But if you’re too obsessed with fat burning and excessive exercise, this is a sign that your diet is starting to enter a dangerous phase. Stop now before it’s too late.

Those are the signs that a diet is leading to a dangerous and unnatural phase. You should consult with a dietitian if you want to lose weight normally and healthy.

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