7 Slimming Secrets from Japan


Slimming Secrets from JapanIt is no secret that Japanese women are very beautiful and have ideal body shape. They get the ideal body shape not just overnight. But they have their own tricks to become slim.

The Japanese diet is not hard. They still have breakfast, snacks and eat rice. But what makes them stay slim? Let’s peek the slim secrets of Japanese people, as reported by Nine Msn.

1. Healthy menu
Base diet in fish, soy, rice, vegetables and fruit. Certainly not a lot of fat can be found here. They rarely eat meat, if used as a side dish to be consumed  thin meat is eaten as needed. So their body stay slim without forgetting the real health functions.

2. Eat in small portions
Japanese people eat in smaller portions, served in a small bowl. The smaller bowls you, the less you’ll eat. Because eating in small portions, you will not easily become fat. Do not forget to eat it slowly and enjoy the food.

3. Japanese food is light
Cooking with light oil: such as canola, using certain methods such as steaming, sauteing or boiling. The surplus, substances in foods are not broken. Fried or baked foods will only lead to bad fats that harm the body.

4. Still eat rice
Choose to eat rice every meal instead of bread. Rice makes you full faster and last longer. So you do not get hungry. Because they feel full after eating rice, Japanese citizens avoid consuming bread or sweet snacks.

5. Always have breakfast
Breakfast is a must for the Japanese ritual. They even have breakfast with large portions. Breakfast can provide high energy and nutrients. Besides that, breakfast does not make you fat, because you can stand the hunger until noon. So there is no chance for snacking.

6. Desserts in small portions
The Japanese are also a fan of dessert or a light snack, but they eat them in small portions. In addition they do not eat continuously. No wonder it if a lot of Japanese women stay slim although they still enjoy snacks.

7. Always exercise
Exercise is a habit of Japanese citizens. Whether it’s jogging, cycling, tennis or other sports. They always move their body to sweat and get a healthy body. Therefore get used to exercise every day.

Try to follow the Japanese style to get slim and get the ideal body shape.