7 Steps to Reduce Salt Consumption


reduce salt intakeConsuming too much salt can cause serious health problems. For example, high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke. Well, for you who wants to reduce salt consumption in your diet, here are some steps to do it, according to ehow.

1. Read the nutrition labels on food packaging. This is the easiest way to reduce salt intake. If the levels of salt or sodium in foods is high, you should avoid buying it.

2. Note the claims in food packaging. If the food is free of sodium, no salt or sodium in limited use, it is better than other foods with higher salt levels.

3. Stay disciplined in the amount of sodium you consume. Each person should not consume more than 2,400 milligrams per day from various types of food consumed.

4. Watch your food choices. Meat without skin, skim milk, fresh fruit and vegetables have lower salinity. While vegetables, fruit, soup, meat in containers have much higher salinity.

5. Prepare foods without salt. When cooking use spices to give flavor to foods not with a lot of salt.

6. Do not provide salt on your dinner table. If you like pepper to add taste is better than adding salt.

7. When eating in a restaurant ask to reduce salt levels in food that you order. Ask also for sauce or dressing that comes with your order to be served separately so you can control the salt content that you want to consume.