7 super foods which strengthens bones


Mushroom soup

There are only a few food sources that contain vitamin D. Ideally vitamin D produced in the body when you are exposed to sunlight in the morning. However, modern lifestyles keep us busy so we rarely work out in the morning. That’s why, we should more frequently eat foods rich in vitamin D. Bone health depends on the consumption of vitamin D. Here are the foods rich in vitamin D, and is excellent for bone health, as reported by Boldsky.

1. Mushrooms
Mushrooms are a food source of vitamin D. Mushrooms also have a lot of zinc and protein content.

2. Cod liver oil
Cod liver oil is a dietary supplement rich in vitamin D. Cod liver oil itself is oil extracted from cod. It is available in capsule form.

3. Tuna fish
Most fish that inhabit the cold ocean waters contain much vitamin D. However, tuna is a good source of vitamin D which is the highest compared to other fishes.

4. Eggs
Eggs are rich in vitamin D. However, eggs can not meet the daily requirement of vitamin D. Therefore, you have to eat them with other foods rich in vitamin D.

5. Soy products
Soy products are foods rich in vitamin D. Soy milk will give you the nutrients needed for bone health.

6. Salmon
Salmon is a cold water fish species that are also high in vitamin D. These fish should be baked and not fried to retain maximum nutritional value in it.

7. Oyster
Seafood oysters are rich in various essential nutrients. Beside rich in vitamin D, oysters also contain a lot of vitamin B12, selenium, copper, iron, and many more.

Those are seven foods that are rich in vitamin D and are very good for bone health. Good luck!