7 surprising impact of poor body posture


surprising impact of poor body postureA wrong position when sitting makes body posture become worse. In addition, back and shoulders are also tormented because of pain. But you know, there are other surprising effects of bad posture. What are they? know more, as reported by the Daily Mail below.

Increases in blood pressure
Poor posture is related to neck muscle disorders and certain areas of the brain responsible for regulating blood pressure. So if you do not immediately improve your posture, you are also at risk of developing hypertension.

Bladder problems
Some women reported getting ‘wet’ when laughing too hard or cough. It is caused by a disturbance in the urinary bladder. So what to do with bad posture? Apparently, if the body does not stand or sit properly, the bladder fails to be supported well and cause leaks in the urinary tract.

Sad and ashamed
A study conducted by experts say that people who have poor posture tend to feel depressed and lose energy. They are also embarrassed and saddened by the lack of confidence in their posture.

Trigger Heartburn
Heartburn is a painful burning sensation in the pit of the stomach around the esophagus caused by stomach acid. Usually the cause of heartburn is the consumption of high-acid foods. But it turns out that bad posture also disrupt the system on the basis of the esophagus, causing acid to trigger heartburn condition.

Exacerbate asthma
People with poor posture would often complain of fatigue. That’s because their lungs fail to receive the maximum oxygen intake. Take a deep breath because it’s hard to do if one’s posture is so bad. These conditions clearly exacerbate asthma and lung disease.

Cause headaches
If you often feel headache, note again how you sit. Because it turns out that bad posture can also cause headaches. Stiffness in the neck, shoulders, and eyes that are things that trigger pain.

Cause flatulence
Last surprising impact of poor posture is flatulence. Because the spine degenerate and lose normal volume. Bloating can also be an indication of osteoporosis. So after a meal, you should not sit or sleep directly with poor posture.

Those are some surprising impacts of poor posture. Immediately improve the way you sit to improve body posture.