7 Symptoms of ovarian cancer that you need to be aware of


7 Symptoms of ovarian cancer that you need to be aware of

In addition to breast cancer, ovarian cancer is one type of cancer that is frightening and must be looked out by women. Every year, many women who develop ovarian cancer are always misdiagnosed as irritable bowel syndrome, stress, urinary tract infection, and others. This is because the symptoms are similar with those of ovarian cancer.

According to the American Cancer Society, on in 73 women are likely to develop ovarian cancer. Here are some of the symptoms of ovarian cancer that you need to be aware of, as reported by the Daily Health Post (25/08).

1. Fatigue
Feeling tired is a natural thing experienced by many people. But if you constantly experience fatigue, of course, this is not normal. Especially if you constantly feel tired when you’re not doing a lot of activities.

Feeling constantly tired and having no energy is one of the signs is that there is something wrong with your body. Always tired could also be a sign of cancer in general, including ovarian cancer. Therefore, if you often feel tired for no reason you should immediately consult a doctor.

2. Pain in the pelvis
Women can feel pain in the pelvis or hip. It does not always indicate a serious illness. But when the pain in the pelvis does not immediately disappear or keep coming, it should not be ignored. Pain in the pelvis can also be one of the symptoms of ovarian cancer. If the pelvic pain is getting worse, consult a doctor immediately. Pain in the pelvis is one of the symptoms that often arise from ovarian cancer.

In addition to pain in the pelvis, one of the symptoms of ovarian cancer is pain in the lower back relating to the pelvis.

3. Constipation
Constipation is something that can happen to anyone. Constipation is often underestimated and is caused by things that are not too dangerous like less fiber, less liquid, and more. But constipation can also be a sing of more serious disease. One of them is a symptom of ovarian cancer.

Ovarian cancer and changes in bowel usually occur simultaneously. Women who often have problems with their digestive system such as constipation, diarrhea, increased the amount of gas, bloating, nausea, and vomiting. If this is often the case, you should not underestimate and immediately check.

4. Loss of appetite
Loss of appetite is a common symptom of all types of cancer, including ovarian cancer. Most people do not realize that the decreased appetite could indicate a problem, even cancer. If you experience loss of appetite, it helps to check the symptoms of other cancers.

In addition to loss of appetite, one of the symptoms of ovarian cancer is feeling full faster. This in turn will make women lose weight drastically for no apparent reason. If this happens, you should immediately see a doctor.

5. Frequent urination
Frequent urination and the desire to urinate that can not be held can be a symptom of many diseases such as bladder problems, urinary tract, or even symptoms of elevated blood sugar. However, frequent urination can also be one of the symptoms of ovarian cancer.

If women experience frequent and difficult to hold urination in a short time, this is caused by weakened pelvic muscles or urinary tract infection. But if this continues, you should immediately contact your doctor, because this is also one of the important symptoms of ovarian cancer.

6. Pain during sex
Women experience pain during sex is usually caused by a vagina that is not ready and is not really ‘wet’ when performing penetration. Sex can also be painful because of the presence of certain diseases.

Women who have advanced stage ovarian cancer usually experience pain during sex. Pain when having sex is usually felt on the right side or left side of the pelvis. If you think that it feels strange and painful when having sex, while usually it is not the case, then it is better to consult a doctor immediately.

7. Bloated 
Feeling bloated is normal and is  experienced by anyone. It can be caused by a number of liquid or gas in the stomach. But if you feel constantly bloated and uncomfortable in the abdomen, you should be wary. Feeling constantly bloated is one of the symptoms of ovarian cancer.

As the disease becomes more severe, bloating also will get worse. Furthermore, the size of the stomach will get bigger and the other symptoms will appear. If this happens, you should immediately see a doctor.

Those are the symptoms of ovarian cancer that must be known to women. Symptoms above looks trivial and can also be part of other diseases. However, if you experience almost all of the above signs, do not ignore. Immediately consult a doctor to find out. The faster known, the sooner the possibility to be cured.