7 Tips to eat what the body needs, not what the mouth wants

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“You are what you eat.” If you like to eat unhealthy food, do not blame others when you become sick.

To avoid bad health, change eating habits from now on according to the body needs, not what the mouth wants, likeĀ as quoted from Idiva below.

Eat on time
Fill your nutritional needs by always eating on time, in the morning, afternoon and evening. If you want to have snacks, choose nutritious snacks.

Do not be emotional
Eating is not the solution of boredom, fatigue, anger, or depression. Before eating a donut, mute all the bad feeling inside. Do not eat in an emotional state because it means you will only accumulate fat in the body.

Eating together
Subconsciously, when you’re eating with family or friends, usually it increases appetite. This is caused by other’s diet that influence you. If you are aware, you should not be tempted to overeat.

Love Sugar
So what about the people who like sweet foods and snack? Easy, just replace sugary snacks with fruit. If not satisfied, create a cake or dessert with natural ingredients. You can control the amount of sugar in it.

Changing cutlery
The larger the plates, bowls, cups, and spoons, the more you spend eating. To fix this, replace cutlery with a smaller size. Eyes can deceive yourself that you eat what the body needs, not what the mouth wants.

Turn off the TV
Never eat while watching television. Your attention will be divided in two and ended up losing control of chewing. Unconsciously, you may have to spend more than normal portions at meals while watching television.

Shopping while feeling hungry
The last tip is to not shop when hungry. First, your decision in choosing items will be worse because the mind is not focused. Secondly, you will try to find an unhealthy snack to overcome hunger that hits when shopping.

Those are some tips so you can eat according to what the body needs, not what the mouth wants. Good luck!

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