7 Traveling tips for poeple with diabetes

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Travel and adventure is always fun. Even so, the difference in hours, weather, temperature, and food on the move can affect health. This can give a huge impact for people with diabetes.  For that, we recommend that before traveling, people with diabetes should know some of the tips given by dieticians and diabetes expert, Sunita Pathania, as quoted from Health Me Up below.

1. Plan carefully
Planning a trip is very important before departing. Planning a trip also includes the places to be visited, time and food to be eaten. If you do not want to hinder your diabetes, then plan carefully so that your blood sugar remains stable during the trip.

2. Visit the doctor
Before traveling, consult your doctor first. Check your health and meal schedules, medications must be taken, as well as the foods you eat during the trip. Make sure you bring all the necessary treatment and composition of food recommended by your doctor.

3. What if you get sick?
Before leaving, check this possibility with your doctor. Suppose if you are worried about having carsick on the go. Provide juices that contain a lot of carbohydrates to accompany your trip. If you feel sick on the trip, you should test your blood sugar levels every two to four hours, the consumption of your diabetes medicine, drinking water that does not contain sweeteners, avoid foods or drinks that contain caffeine, as well as the consumption of at least 15 grams of carbohydrate per hour. If the pain gets worse, call your doctor immediately.

4. Identification
Use identification that indicates you have diabetes, for example bracelets or necklaces. It is easier for people to recognize you have diabetes.

5. Health Insurance
People with diabetes may experience health problems during a trip. So, it could not hurt you enroll for health insurance. Read carefully the insurance provisions. If it fits and can guarantee your safety while traveling, you can approve it.

6. Pack
First, make sure you bring extra medication when traveling. Put your medications in more than one bag to avoid problems in case of loss of the bag while on the go. Also, do not forget to bring other important things such as drinking water, medicine for diarrhea and vomiting, and comfortable shoes.

7. Food
Bring a low-calorie diet in order to avoid an increase in blood sugar during the trip. Prepare your insulin dosage schedule and do not forget to use it. Also provide food for consumption during the trip, because you can not travel on an empty stomach.

The most important thing for people with diabetes is to maintain health and to prepare the necessary medicine and food during the trip.

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