7 Ways to cut 100 calories without suffering

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Hearing the word diet, you must imagine how difficult it is to manage your diet to lose weight. But there are actually easier ways to cut 100 calories each day without suffering. How? Listen more, as reported by Yahoo Shine below.

Juice breakfast
Although only juice, you should enjoy something during breakfast than not eating at all. Breakfast juices, especially citrus, gives energy until lunch and keep you from unhealthy snack foods.

Skimmed milk
The difference in calories in regular milk and skim milk is 50 calories. Skim milk is a nonfat dairy products that are clearly more healthful. Drink two glasses of skim milk per day is able to cut 100 calories without suffering.

Leave mayonnaise
Salad is healthy, but mayonnaise makes it unhealthy. Instead of enjoying mayonnaise, mustard sauce is better to use and has fewer calories.

whole wheat bread
Bread made from white flour should be avoided. Because these bread are made from a mix of chemicals that are harmful. Just select whole wheat bread that are much more healthyer and low in calories.

Like coffee? If so, drink pure coffee that has not been mixed with cream or milk. If you want to add them , make sure the cream or milk is not more than the coffee. Because many calories are actually assembled in the cream or milk.

Cooking oil
Changing the type of cooking oil to cook is another way to cut 100 calories each day without suffering. How can that be? For regular cooking oil tends to contain high cholesterol and fat than vegetable or olive oil which is healthy.

Carbohydrates at dinner
During breakfast, you are advised to consume plenty of protein and carbohydrates in order to have enough energy to move. But at dinner, you should avoid carbohydrates because usually there are not much activities done after that.

Those are some ways to cut 100 calories each day without suffering. Good luck!

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