8 Causes why a body easily gets tired


8 Causes why a body easily gets tiredBeing tired is a natural thing experienced by a person after doing a lot of day-to-day activities. But tired and fatigue that feels constantly coming certainly is not common. There are many things that can cause a person to feel tired prolonged. It could be due to lack of sleep or waking up too late.

In addition to these things, prolonged fatigue can also be a symptom of diseases and health problems. Here are some health problems that can make the body tired, as reported by Boldsky (31/08).

1 Dehydration
It is one of the reasons why you feel tired. When doing a lot of activity, people often forget to meet the needs of the body fluids. At least one body fluid needs is as much as 1.5 percent of body weight.

2 Lack of vitamin B12
When the body is tired, it could be the body is deficient in vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is needed for red blood cells to maintain nerve function. Deficiencies will reduce oxygen supply to the body and makes you tired.

3 Stress
Stress can also be one of the causes why the body feel tired. There is a stress hormone that had to be high during the day, but should decrease at night. If at night this hormone is high enough, then you will not be able to rest well and makes you feel tired.

4. heart disease
Heart disease is also one of the surprising causes of rapid body tired. But this does not mean every time feel tired means you have heart disease. Heart disease can make you have difficulty breathing and feel always tired. If you feel tired body and followed by other symptoms like heart disease, it could be your heart is troubled.

5. rate of iron
Other strange things that can make the body tired is a low iron level. Iron-deficient person will usually feel tired and lethargic. If this is the cause, one of the best ways is to eat foods that contain lots of iron. But in addition to iron deficiency, iron overload can also make a person feel tired. So, you should first check whether you deficiency or iron overload.

6 Too many sports
No need to ask again, excessive exercise certainly can make the body tired. Not just tired, too often exercise can also make you feel tired constantly. Therefore, you should consider a balanced time for activity, exercise, and rest.

7 Lack of exercise
Not only are too many sports that can make you feel tired, but also if you are lack of exercise. Lack of exercise, especially when you feel the stress will make the body more tired and makes you not want to do anything all day.

8 Urinary tract infections
Fatigue is a symptom that is often tibul when you have a urinary tract infection. Usually this happens when you take medicine to cure this infection. If a urinary tract infection cause tiredness you feel, the thing to do is rest and consume a lot of water.

Those are some health problems that can make the body tired. Are you currently feeling body tired middle? If yes, please check one of the above health problems. It could be one of those problems is the cause.