8 Essential nutrients that are often overlooked by women


Essential nutrients that are often overlooked by womenWomen are often warned about the importance of nutrition that they should consume daily. But most of them still ignore the essential nutrients, just like as quoted from She Knows below.

If you diligently drink milk every day, it’s a good start. For the average woman lack of calcium take calcium from their bone. So most likely will experience osteoporosis.

The body convert CoQ10 to ubiquinol compound. However, the process is more difficult to do when a woman enters the age of 40 years. Ubiquinol itself is an important nutrient for maintaining healthy cardiovascular, nerve, and liver. Ubiquinol food sources are fish, meat, wheat, and olive oil.

Vitamin D
Vitamin D is not only necessary to maintain bone health. But it also supports the immune system and muscle strength. So do not be lazy to sunbath in the morning if you do not want to experience deficiency of vitamin D.

Nutrition omega-3 served decrease inflammation in the body, nourish the heart, and prevent cancer. Women should eat more fish, flax seeds, chia seeds if you want omega-3 intake remained fulfilled.

Many women complain about the condition of anemia they suffer. That’s because the nutrients intake of iron is often overlooked. Though these nutrients help the body distribute oxygen.

Folate is one of the vitamin B complex which helps the body create red blood cells. Another function is to prevent birth defects. So that pregnant women need to really pay attention to this nutrition.

Good sources of magnesium are spinach and other fresh vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. Unfortunately women often ignore the intake of this nutrient. Though magnesium works to maintain bone health, blood pressure, heart rate, and the nervous system.

Vitamin C
In addition to citrus fruits, vitamin C actually can also be obtained from vegetables. But women still considers this nutrient trivial and rarely meet the recommended daily intake.

Actually, there is a supplement that helps women meet daily nutrition. But it would be better if you eat vegetables and fresh fruits to get better nutrients.