8 Foods that can damage your brain


Foods that can damage your brain

There have been many studies that prove the health of certain foods you eat that are able to make an impact on the health of your body and your brain. Based on that you should be careful in choosing the food that you consume. Do not let the ingredients in it lower your health, especially your brain function.

As reported boldsky, apparently consuming following foods in excess can lower brain function.

1. Sweet foods
Sweet foods that contain too much sugar in it can harm your health. In addition to supporting the growth of cancer cells, sugar also has a detrimental effect resulting in decreased brain function and memory.

2. Fried foods
Eating fried foods in excess amount also can be detrimental to the health of your brain. Because these foods contain oils and fats that are able to accumulate in the blood vessels. As a result, blood supply to the brain becomes not optimal and could result in a decrease in brain function.

3. Preserved foods
Content of preservatives, dyes, and other chemicals are very dangerous if it gets into the brain and body. These substances are identified as a major cause of the decline in brain function.

4. Junk food
Fat content, high salt, preservatives, and added sugar in junk food are a series of dangerous chemicals that are capable of harming your brain. These materials are capable of causing chemical changes in the brain that can lead to brain disorders such as anxiety and depression.

5. Food with high salt content 
Salt is useful to add flavor to dishes. However, eating too much salt is capable of causing health complications. In addition to providing a chilling effect on the body, it is also capable of endangering the health of the brain. Memory decline is one result of eating too much salt.

6. Processed Meat
Protein is essential for muscle building and function of healthy cells in the body. But processed meat contains very little protein. Unfortunately processed meat had become a common food that are consumed by people, although these foods only contain preservatives and other additives that gives bad effect on the brain.

7. Alcohol
If consumed in excess amount, alcohol is able to endanger the health of your brain. One of the conditions that usually happens is fogging the brain characterized by memory loss, stress, depression, and other mental complications.

8. Artificial Sweeteners
Artificial sweeteners that are commonly found in packaged beverages are capable of endangering the health of your brain. One of the things that can happen is a decline in cognitive function of the brain. So as much as possible reduce consuming foods that contain these ingredients.

Those are the foods that could damage the health of your brain. Reduce consumption to keep you smart.

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