8 horrible impacts of sleep deprivation


sleep deprivationFor those of you who suffer from insomnia, do not underestimate the condition. Because you will encounter a variety of other health problems if the insomnia is not addressed.

Also, make sure you always meet the needs of sleep every day. Because lack of sleep have bad impacts for the body. What are they? Know more, as reported by the Huffington Post below.

1. Stroke
Although you do not have a particular causing factor, such as obesity or family history, the risk of stroke may increase if you experience lack sleep, this is according to a research in 2012.

At least adults who sleep less than six hours a day have an increased risk of stroke that is fourfold higher.

2. Obesity
Other studies have also proved that lack of sleep affects a person’s appetite and diet. It has something to do with hormones. Because if the body does not get enough rest, a hormone associated with appetite increases dramatically. So that diet is uncontrolled which¬†eventually leads to obesity.

3. Diabetes
A small study in 2012 linked the relationship between lack of sleep and insulin resistance – a risk factor of diabetes.

From the study, it was found that respondents who slept less have a higher insulin resistance. This means the body is unable to use insulin effectively. So that lack of sleep increases the risk of diabetes.

4. Loss of memory
When the body is very tired, usually a person becomes less focused and easy to forget. If you lack sleep, memory can even disappear completely.

The research also explains why lack of sleep can make memories lost. Memory storage processes that occur during sleep will be disturbed if a person is not able to meet the needs of rest every day.

5. Osteoporosis
In the long run, lack of sleep can also increase the risk of osteoporosis. Mineral density in bones decreases dramatically if a person has poor sleep quality. This is according to a study in 2012.

“In addition to damaging the bone, lack of sleep will make someone fail to repair the damage before old age,” said the researchers of the study.

6. Cancer
A small study in 2010 proved another terrible effect of sleep deprivation, which increases the risk of cancer.

Colon and breast cancer is a type of disease that threatens if someone sleeps less than six hours each day. So you should improve the quality of sleep to reduce the risk of those cancers.

7. Heart disease
Not just stroke, sleep deprivation also endangers the health of one’s heart. Because lack of sleep makes the body produce hormones and chemicals that can lead to heart disease. This is according to a research in 2011.

At least, one should sleep more than six hours a day to cut the risk of heart disease.

8. Die young
People who used to sleep too short are reported to be at high risk for early death, according to a research in 2010.

Well, those are the horrific impacts of sleep deprivation. So do not underestimate the quality of your sleep if you do not want to increase the risk of these health problems.