8 Important facts behind snoring


facts behind snoringA day’s work makes you tired. Arriving home, you still have to take care of children and prepare dinner. Sleep is the only way to rest and rejuvenate. Unfortunately, your sleep is disturbed due to the loud snoring of your partner. Why do your partner snore? Consider the following facts about snoring as reported by womans day.

1. Can interfere with relationships
Snoring can disrupt sleep of partner. This leads to anger and depression. Talk about it with your partner, so that it does not turn into a big problem later on.

2. Signof other health problems
Snoring constantly every day coupled with a loud voice could be a sign that you or a family is affected by sleep apnea.

3. Obese people are more at risk of snoring
When you gain weight, the muscles in the neck will grow thicker making the airways become narrower. That is what causes obese people to snore easily.

4. Certain foods aggravate snoring
Sleeping pills and tranquilizers actually cause muscle relaxation and increase the chances of snoring. This also applies to heavy and spicy foods consumed before bed.

5. Smoking makes matters worse
Smokers are prone to snoring, the cause is airway narrowing due to inflammation that occurs in every man smoking a cigarette.

6. Sleeping position affects snoring
Sleeping on your back provides greater risk for snoring.

7. Men snore more than women
Men have larger necks than females. Neck circumference of 40 cm or more are likely to make people snore.

8. Snoring in the elderly
When you reach the age of 30 years, you throat will begin to narrow and begin to decrease muscle strength. So you easily snore. Elderly people often snore due to fatigue during work.

If snoring habits could not be removed immediately consult a doctor to anticipate other health problems.

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