8 little-known benefits of a massage

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benefits of a massageMassage is one of the activities to make the body feel fit. However, the benefits of massage is not just that alone. Massage can promote blood circulation and even improve the immune system. Check out the wonders of massage according to magforwomen.

1. Improve blood circulation
A massage will increase blood circulation. This in turn leads to more oxygen and vital nutrients pumped to the vital organs and other tissues.

2. Reduce stress
To relieve stress, massage is the best option. According to scientific reports, stress hormone cortisol will decrease after a massage.

3. Boost immunity
Massage also increases the white blood cells is useful to enhance the immune system.

4. Regulate blood pressure
Massage also helps in Reducing hypertension in people. In addition it also stimulates pressure receptors in the brain that regulate blood pressure.

5. Reducing pain
Another advantage, that it can soothe tense muscles and reduce muscle cramps and spasms. During and after a massage, the body releases endorphins that help reduce pain as a natural painkiller.

6. Reduce anxiety and stress
Massage makes you feel good. Your body is more relaxed and not stiff. So that your mind is much more calm.

7. Help arthritis patients
People who suffer from arthritis or osteoarthritis can get some relief from their pain with regular massage. This is because massage reduce muscle stiffness, pain and movement.

8. Reducing the side effects of cancer treatment
Side effects of cancer treatment are swelling, fatigue, nausea, depression and pain. Therefore, a massage makes you more relaxed and helps in improving the function of your immune system.

Those are the various benefits of massage. So, if you feel tired and sore, then immediately get a massage.

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