8 Little things that trigger back pain!


Little things that trigger back pain

Back pain is one pain that can be disturbing, and t the same time uncomfortable. Back pain can prevent you to perform many important daily activities. Compared to pain in other parts of the body, researchers revealed that back pain most often make people unable to got to work.

Quite often pain in the back seem to suddenly appear. Though the possibility of back pain can also be caused by the things you did not realize. Back pain can be triggered by trivial habits that you do every day. Here are some little quirks that can cause back pain, as reported by the Huffington Post (24/06).

1. Bag
A bag that is too heavy is one of the causes of back pain. If you are accustomed to putting heavy items in your bag, you should begin to reduce the habit from now on. Do not wear bags that are too heavy every day.

2. Mattress
According to spine-health, mattresses that can not provide enough strut to the bone can also cause back pain. Mattress with poor quality will lead to poor posture, stiff muscles, injuries, and are bad for the joints. all of these problems can eventually lead to back pain.

3. Computer
If you work in an office and use a computer all day, you could be at risk of back pain. Using a computer all day synonymous with poor sitting posture and can cause back pain. To prevent it, sit with the correct posture and layout of your desk.

4. Footwear
Choosing shoes is also important to maintain a healthy spine and prevent back pain. One of the shoes that are bad for backs are high heels. High heels will make your body lean forward so that it makes the spine work harder.

5. Wallet
Putting a thick wallet in your back pocket is often done by men. This can cause back pain. According to everydayhealth, this practice can lead to back pain. Sitting on a wallet that is too thick for a long time can put pressure on the muscles.

6. Lack of exercise
When someone suffers from back pain, they will usually rest and do not dare to move. Yet according to NHS, if you want to quickly recover from back pain, you just need to stay active and exercise as usual. Yoga is one type of exercise that can be done to relieve back pain.

7. Cell phone
As reported by Healthcentral, using a cell phone for too long can also cause back pain. This is because usually when using a cell phone, someone would lean his neck and make ??a strange posture. If it lasts longer, it is quite possible you will experience back pain.

8. Cycling
According to prevention, back pain can also be triggered by your cycling habits. This could happen if the saddle does not fit the body posture while cycling. Poor posture while cycling can trigger back pain.

Those are some small things that can cause back pain. You are likely to encounter and do these things everyday. To prevent back pain, you should immediately notice the small things above so that it does not cause pain in your back.

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