8 Reasons to take a bath


Reasons to take a bathAre you still lazy to take a bath? Well, you shouldn’t  Imagine if you have a friend who rarely bathe. Surely you you do not want to be near them because people who rarely bathe will have unpleasant body odor.

Bathing is an activity that is easy and has many benefits. In addition to making the body clean, a bath can also improve male fertility. So what are the other benefits of a bath/shower? Know more as quoted by boldsky.

1. Soothing body
Excessive body heat is one of the causes of health problems. Consequences such as chicken pox and nose bleeding in children. Then in adults it can cause indigestion and heat stroke. When you shower, you issue heat in the body.

2. Remove dust and dirt
Dust and dirt that stays on the body for a long time can contaminate the pores of your skin. Clogged pores do not allow your skin to breathe. It also causes skin infections like eczema. Therefore take a bath to open the pores and remove dust and micro-organisms that are attached.

3. Eliminate stress and depression
When stress, muscle tension and then cramps. But a bath relaxes our muscles, and thus it is a drug for stress. In addition it is also good to deal with depression. Try to wash the body with warm water. A bath has a positive psychological effect on our mind.

4. Keeping beauty
Bathing every day rewards you with a beautiful skin and healthy hair. All dirt, dust and make-up will be gone from your body. Body feels lighter, fresh and fragrant.

5. Strengthens the immune system
It has been proved by scientific research if a bath can help increase the white blood cells in the body. Heat kills the white blood cells. Thus indirectly bath helps improve your immunity.

A bath is also the best way to eliminate lethargic feelings in the morning, a bath gives a burst of energy, especially if you just woke up from sleep.

6. Blood circulation
Soaking is the best way to sooth blood circulation. Try soaking in warm water. Fatigue will be gone after soaking.
Besides hot body suddenly can increase your blood pressure. So if you are prone to high blood pressure do not ever miss a shower/bath.

7. Treating sleep problems
Warm bath is the best solution for sleep problems. If you find it difficult to sleep, try soaking in warm water before bed because it makes you relax completely.

8. Enhance vitality and fertility
Once again, bathing makes the mind and body fresh and clean. Couple will certainly be comfortable if you can keep your body clean. A bath is also beneficial for fertility, especially with cold water that can increase sperm count in men.

After knowing the many benefits above, are you are still lazy to take a bath? Let’s start now to do activities that are beneficial to the body.

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