8 Secrets to fight flu in the rainy season


warm lemon tea

When the rainy season comes, it means that the threat of flu and other diseases also comes. Virus of disease can breed in this season because the air becomes humid and this condition is a favorite for the development of virus.

Precautions of course is needed in order to prevent flu. According to boldsky.com, here are some healthy secrets to prevent flu.

Avoid consuming alcoholic beverages
Behavior of staying up while consuming alcoholic beverages will only put you at greater risk of flu. Because this habit will only lower the immune system so that viruses and bacteria are able to enter the body easily.

Drink tea with lemon and honey
Herbal tea with lemon and honey is the most effective drink to fight flu. This drink can improve your immune system and is able to keep your body warm.

Consumption of protein
High protein foods is beneficial to boost the immune system. Therefore, multiply the consumption of low-fat protein foods.

Maximize the use of hand sanitizer
Maintaining hygiene is also one of the easiest ways to prevent the entry of virus in the body. So do not hesitate to use hand sanitizers for the sake of killing bacteria and viruses that cause diseases.

Increase consumption of minerals
Minerals are also nutrients that can boost the immune system and keep you warm. One is zinc. So multiply the consumption of foods containing zinc like meat, green vegetables, and grains.

Drink juice
In addition to tea, juice is also a safe way to prevent flu. Juice helps remove toxins from the lymph nodes of your system so that the body becomes healthier. The content of vitamin C that comes from fruits are also effective to enhance the immune system.

Sweating is a good way to prevent your body from the transmission of flu virus during the rainy season. Therefore do not be lazy to exercise even in the rainy season.

Get enough sleep
Enough sleep or rest is an important secret too keep your body always healthy. Make sure that you have a period of 8 hours per night of sleep.

In essence, maintaining a healthy body by running a healthy lifestyle is the most effective way for you to avoid various diseases not only flu. So let’s live a healthy lifestyle from now on!