8 Symptoms of eating disorders in children

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Eating disorders are previously known as a disease that strikes young women, in which they limit food intake in order to get the ideal body shape. However it turns out, men and even children can develop an eating disorder.

Basically there are two types of eating disorders that harm the body. First, excessive eating, causing the body threatened to become obese. Then the second type of eating disorder is to limit the extra calories to maintain weight.

Unfortunately, the second eating disorder is often done excessively. An example is anorexia, which is refusal of food consumption due to excessive fear of weight gain.

If you have a child who has a distorted diet, you should keep an eye on your child. For who knows the child suffers from an eating disorder. To be sure, consider the eight symptoms of eating disorders in children as reported by GalTime.

  1. Drastic weight loss.
  2. Always busy watching food labels and everything that is associated to diet.
  3. Excessive drinking and evasive about feeling hungry.
  4. Avoid eating schedule every day.
  5. Isolate themselves from friends and social activities.
  6. Eating certain pills or often vomiting intentionally.
  7. Excessive exercise.
  8. Wearing oversized clothes to cover weight changes.

As a parent, you should immediately seek help if you know your child is suffering from these symptoms. Because early treatment is much better before it’s too late.

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