8 Ways to lose weight without exercise


drink water eat lessDiet and regular exercise is the key to weight loss. But actually you can also lose weight without exercise. How? Check out this review as quoted from Yahoo Shine below.

Romantic atmosphere
Based on a research from Cornell University, an easy way to reduce calorie intake is by eating in a romantic atmosphere. Because without exercise, you can cut 175 calories intake than normal portions.

Shape of glass
Another study also mentions that glass shape affects your beverage consumption. When drinking juice, soda, alcohol, or anything else, just choose straight shape. Because straight glass make you it slowly and able to control the amount of fluid consumed.

Getting enough sleep
You need to remember that the lack of sleep make you feel makes you more hungry. Because a sleep-deprived body will feel very tired and feels that it has no energy. In addition, lack of sleep triggers the production of certain hormones that increase appetite.

Do not say, “I can not eat that!”
Instead of saying these words, you should use the phrase, “I should not eat it!” Because the phrase ‘can not’ sound like a punishment and hard to go through. While ‘should not’ is a commitment you have to do if you intend to lose weight.

Thinking slim
Many people consider themselves overweight and diet desperately. But, is it true that you are fat? Think again and measure your BMI (body mass index). It could be that you actually have an ideal body weight.

Never look at foods
A study says the appetite control can also be done by ignoring pictures of fatty foods. So do not torture yourself when viewing food advertisements on television. Immediately turn off or change the channel before you are not able to control your appetite.

The stereotype for most people is that drinking soda is a perfect match with fast food. While healthy food is usually perfect enjoyed with water. If so, then you have to get used to drinking water in order to consume healthy foods more often.

Imagine the next scheduled meal you’ll enjoy. With imagination, it turns out that hormone that triggers appetite will slowly decrease. So by the time the actual meal schedule comes, you will not be too eager to finish your food.

Although some of the above ways can make you slim without exercise, you should still do physical activity. At least it can make your body healthy and fit.