9 Healthy food that makes you fat


sushi can make you fatWe know that fatty foods and fried foods can lead to weight gain. That’s why we are always advised to eat healthy and nutritious foods in the daily menu. However, sometimes even healthy foods can also trigger obesity. Moreover, if consumed in excess, the amount is not appropriate. Here are some healthy foods that can make you fat, as reported by Boldsky.

1. Sushi

Sushi can make you lose weight, only if taken in the right amount. Sushi stuffed with cheese or mayonnaise can actually lead to weight gain because it is difficult to digest.

2. Rice

Rice has many nutritional benefits. However, these healthy foods can lead to obesity. That is why, we are often advised to choose brown rice because it is low in calories and starch.

3. Cheese

There are many types of cheese to choose from, including low-fat and healthy cheese. Instead, the cheese is rich in calcium can actually make you fat.

4. Fruit-flavored yogurt

Fruit-flavored yogurt is one super food that has many health benefits. Therefore, make sure that you choose unsweetened yogurt or low-fat flavor.

5. Bread

Bread contains starch that is difficult to digest. Therefore, if consumed in excess amounts, bread can also make you fat.

6. Granola

A bowl of this sweet and crunchy cereal contains 500 calories. Though rich in protein, granola can make you fat if consumed in excess amount.

7. Banana

If taken in the right amount, bananas will not make you fat. However, if you eat more than 3 bananas a day, it sure will make you fat.

8. Mango

Although mangoes contain lots of vitamins and protein, this fruit can lead to fattening if taken carelessly. Mango has a low calorie content, but if the consumption is excessive, this fruits can make you fat.

9. Dried fruits

Although these healthy foods are packed with nutrients and vitamins, dried fruits have a high concentration of calories and sugars that can fatten your body.

Those are nine healthy foods that can make you fat. Eating anything in excess is not good for health. So, make sure that you fulfill your intake of nutritious foods in the right dose.

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