9 Interesting facts about honey


Interesting facts about honeyHoney, a sweet and delicious healthy dish. You even can survive only by eating honey. Really? Consider some more interesting facts about honey as quoted from All Women Stalk below.

Food sources
Honey is the only food source that a person needs to live. Inside are antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and even water.

Makes you healthy
Honey also contains certain enzymes that help the body digest food and keep the immune system work properly. Overall, honey is healthy for the digestion, bone, and to balance the weight.

In addition to being healthy, honey also has healing properties. Some health conditions that can be treated with honey are allergy, infection, sore throat, and burns.

Not stale
Honey can be stored without fear of stale.

Taste of honey
Honey has different flavors. That’s because the difference of flowers sucked by bees. Besides the taste, the color of honey is also distinguished by the type of flower.

Forget various expensive cleaners on the market if you are trying to cure acne. Just use a mask of honey and let it for a few minutes before rinsing. Acne will gradually decrease.

Got dry skin? Or little wrinkles in the eye area? You can apply honey to your face. Let it for 30 minutes before rinsing with warm water. Honey is not only efficacious in the health sector, but also beauty.

There are parasites in the body that are capable of causing dangerous diseases. To clear the parasite, try drinking a mixture of honey, vinegar, and water.

If you feel anxious, nervous, or insomnia, you can also consume honey. Enjoying honey can provide a calming effect on the body. Miraculously, honey is also an effective energy supplement if you feel tired.

Those are some interesting facts about honey. From now on, get used to consuming it.

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