9 Myths about obesity


Myths about obesityA large number of people around the world are obese. Obesity does not just carry the disease of diabetes, blood pressure and heart disease, but also could cause depression. Obese people often feel inferior. They are often too sad and they  can even feel suicidal. Some obesity myths can make your health worse. Here are nine myths surrounding obesity, as reported by magforwomen (11/4).

1. “People lose weight only when they are ready to do so”
This is one of the biggest myths that are associated with obesity. The desire to lose weight will not be achieved if you are lazy to exercise and diet immediately. Would you be prepared to do both?

2. “It is not good to lose weight fast”
Many people think that losing weight quickly is not good because of the impact it gives on health. This myth is true. Drastic weight loss is needs to be watched because what usually is reduced is not fat mass but water and muscle mass. Besides that, weight that goes down too fast is usually also not durable. Weight can quickly increase again.

3. “Changes in caloric intake can help you weigh less for a longer period of time”
Many people think that a small but regular changes in caloric intake can help them maintain their weight for a long period of time. The fact is, your body weight will change according to your activities or lifestyle.

4. “Having a lot of restrictions and objectives will quickly make you thin”
Many people set a lot of restrictions and aim to lose weight. In fact, if the goal failsm it will make them frustrated.

5. “Breastfeeding may protect baby from future obesity”
Breast milk has many benefits. It makes the baby strong and immune, but not necessarily able to protect them from future obesity. What can protect you from obesity is a healthy diet and regular exercise.

6. “Exercise in the gym prevents obesity in children”
If adults spend more time in the gym to get slim, this can not be applied for children. Outdoor sports activities is better for kids instead of a gym class. So, if you want your child to stay away from obesity then allow children to play outdoors with their friends every day for at least an hour instead of sending them to a gym class.

7. “One sex act burns almost 300 calories”
This myth is not true. One sex act only help you lose about 20 of the 300 calories alone. You can lose the calories while just resting on the couch as well.

8. “Eating fruits and vegetables encourage you to eat less”
Many people think that eating fruits and vegetables will make them eat less. The fact is, eating fruits or vegetables do not satisfy your hunger. In fact, people who eat fruits and vegetables tend to eat more than they did before.

9. “Breakfast every day makes you slim”
Many people think that breakfast can provide a magical effect on their weight loss, but this is not true. Try to use simple logic and you will know why you should not skip breakfast. People who skip breakfast will feel very hungry at lunch, which then makes them eat all the foods to be satisfied.

Those who usually do not eat breakfast will have a heavy lunch. This will lower the metabolic rate and will make them feel lethargic.
Therefore in order to have a balanced diet throughout the day, do not skip breakfast.

Of the nine myths above, which one do you often believe or do?