90% of people do not realize they have pre-diabetes


pre-diabetesUnited States is one country that the people in it have the threat of the pre-diabetes disease. Interestingly almost 90% of them do not realize it.

With the pre- affixes at the beginning of the word, it means that pre-diabetes is a disease that affects a person because sugar levels are above normal but still below the ratio of diabetes.

People who fall into the category of pre-diabetes have a tendency to get into stage 2 level of diabetes. However, not a few people who already know that they have prediabetes will take healing steps to get out of that category.

According to the Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as quoted by My Health News Daily (21/03), about 90% of people in the United States are included in the category of prediabetes. However, uniquely, they do not realize it.

Therefore, the rate of diabetes in the United States, is included as one that is high because there is no awareness of the people there to check themselves to a doctor or local health authorities.

The CDC concluded that of the 10 people, probably only one person who is aware that they have prediabetes.

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