A Blind woman teaches yoga in the dark


A Blind woman teaches yoga in the darkJennifer Landmesser originally was a paramedic in Melbourne. The women who is an adrenaline sport fan likes sports like kayaking, biking, hiking, and more. But her life soon changed after a strange disease which took away her  ability to see four years ago.

After 10 years of vision loss, doctors still could not find the cause of her blindness. They have tried all kinds of medication, therapy, and others, but to no avail. Until the doctor finally gave up to the disease that Landmesser suffers.

However, blindness does not stop Landmesser’s pace to continue living. This woman is trying to find her way back in the world. Until finally, she found the love of yoga. Before experiencing blindness, Landmesser never taken a yoga class.

Her desire to teach yoga was supported by yoga instructor Kathryn Budig, who said she was impressed after seeing Landmesser.

“Jennifer offers a unique and positive movement. Her attitude is inspiring. She could even do better than people with normal vision,” says Budig, as reported by the NY Daily News (07/03).

Landmesser has now officially became a certified yoga instructor and has her own gym called Yoga in the Dark. In practice, Landmesser takes her students to do yoga with a blindfold. Yoga in the Dark is about eliminating the factors that creates fear and makes yoga more easily done.

“Everyone can do it. You do not need to be perfect, pretty, or have a nice body. You must forget all thoughts and standards. This is about inner strength and doing what is good for you,” said Landmesser.

With this success, Landmesser still does not like if someone were to say that although blind, she can do anything. Landmesser recognized that there are things that can not be done again like treating patients, doing hobbies challenging adrenaline as she did before.