A boy survived a Brain Tumor after being hit by a car

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Seeing her 8-year-old son being hit by a car, did not make Sharmane sue the car driver. She just wanted to send a thanks card for the accident.

Liam Taylor, had a car accident when he was playing his bike. He suffered a head injury and had to undergo surgery. Earlier, the doctor asked him to do a scan first, as a prevention for brain injury.

According to The Sun, not bruises were found in the brain, but a malignant tumor. The doctor said that the malignant tumor in the boy’s head saved his life, Liam had a seven-hour surgery at Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

If he didn’t experience the accident, Liam’s parents would not find out about his son’s condition. In an instant, her son could experience a stroke and die or experience sudden paralysis.

“If Liam did not experience the accident, he may not be with us today. This is good fortune not tragedy” her mother explained.

Sharmane added that she had also asked the police to look for the driver who hit her son. She wants to send a thank-you for saving her son.

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