A Brief View of Angular Cheilitis


Angular Cheilitis is something you may not know. The condition is typically caused by vitamin and iron deficiencies.  Anemia Angular Cheilitis is one such example of this.  Annoying and tender chapped or cracked lips mark this condition.

The elderly are also prone to suffering from Angular Cheilitis.  The reason this segment of the population is susceptible to this condition is because of the loss of teeth.  This causes them to lick their lips.  When someone licks their lips, this creates an ideal environment for yeast and fungus to develop and multiply around the corners of the mouth.   This in turn leads to the onset of the condition.

Typical symptoms include:

•    Painful cracks and splitting on the inside and around the corners of the mouth
•    Sores around the corners of the mouth and on the lips
•    Bleeding of the mouth when opened wide

These symptoms are major contributing factors for self-consciousness and embarrassment among sufferers.  This behooves sufferers to treat the condition at the earliest possible stage.  It goes without saying that the symptoms not only become more painful, but also more unsightly and embarrassing as the condition worsens.

A sufferer can also make the symptoms more severe by trying to cover them up with make-up.  This is because the make-up traps the yeast and fungus in the affected areas.  This will only worsen the condition further and cause the symptoms to become even more noticeable and painful.

Nobody wishes their appearance to be marred by sores, cracks, and fissures.  This is both unpleasant to gaze upon and highly awkward for any sufferer to have to deal with.  Fortunately, there are some very fast and effective treatments for this condition, but they will just require more time to take effect the longer a sufferer puts off proper treatment.

With the right care and a little bit of time, Angular Cheilitis can be properly treated.  Just don’t fall into the thinking that you are out of the woods if the condition clears on its own.  Should this happen, you stand a high chance of experiencing the condition again in the coming months.  The condition can and will occur again and again if not treated properly.  Be aware of what the symptoms, treat it at the earliest onsetb, and follow through with a good treatment.  There is never a reason to suffer the embarrassment and pain associated with Angular Cheilitis.  The choice is up to you.