A Child Who Has a Body Like a Magnet

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Ivan Stoiljkovic magnetic boyIvan Stoiljkovic, 6 years old, looks like children in general. However, beneath his body lies a mystery. He is able to pull metal objects towards his body. Like a giant magnet, Ivan’s body pulls metals and a magnets brought near his body.

The child who lives in a village near Koprivnica, Croatia shows his skill in front of journalists. Objects such as spoons, cell phones and even pans and barbells are directly attached and last quit a while on his body.

His family also claims Ivan has the ability to reduce pain. Ivan heals people with his hands, his grandfather’s abdominal pain was reduce by Ivan, and he was able to relieve injury pain from his neighbor’s tractor accident .

His grandfather, Ivo Stoiljkovic, claimed to feel the healing power of Ivan. “When Ivan puts his hand on my stomach, it became very hot, and the pain disappeared instantly,” he said, according to Orange.

Aside from being able to cure diseases, Ivan is also said to be stronger than other kids his age. He was able to lift bags of cement weighing 23 kilograms alone.

The magnetic power in a body is also owned by a few other peopl. A seven year old boy, Bodgan, has a power to pull metal and affect electronic devices. British woman Brenda Allison, 50, and a girl from Serbia, Jelena Momcilov, 20, also has similar powers.

Scientists from the University of Nis, Pavle Premovic, say, humans do have a subtle electromagnetic fields in the body. However, its the power should not be that big. “Maybe this is a kind of biomagnetik metal object puller in the body that has not been detected. It still needs a deeper research to disclose it,” he said.

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