A Cold Shower in the Morning is Good For You


Cold ShowerTaking a shower in the morning is an important beginning to start a day with enthusiasm. When having a shower in the morning, our body, which are still left exhausted after sleeping at night can feel fresh and be ready to perform our daily activities.

Many people are reluctant to get out of bed and take a shower because the water is too cold. In fact, the cold water not only refreshes the skin but also improves your muscle working system, so it is more flexible and ready to move.

Some people can’t stand taking a cold shower and choose a shower with warm water. Having a shower with warm water indeed helps open the skin pores so that dirt can be easily cleaned when rubbed with soap.

Warm water instead keeps the body limber and relaxed. It can sometimes make us feel very sleepy. Whereas in the morning, we need more spirit to go through our activities. Hot shower is better for relaxation at night after working all day and feeling tired.

So, what’s the best way to take a shower? The answer is to combine warm water and cold water. According to therapists, a shower that way is good to enhance and expedite the circulation of blood throughout the body.

When taking a shower, the water that comes out of the shower will massage the skin and body. It will cause massage effects that make tense muscles become weak.

Start by taking a shower with warm water. But, it doesn’t need to be too warm, just enough to make your muscles relax. If it is too hot, then when you take a shower with cold water, the body has not adapted and the results may surprise your heart.

During 7-10 days, you can increase hot water temperature around 10 degrees. That way, there would be differences in contrast to the warm and cold shower. But the body had adjust itself.

If done regularly, taking a shower like this can overcome fatigue, and also eliminates sore in muscles and joints.

But, the technique is not recommended for people with cardiovascular disease, hypertension, and several other serious illnesses. We recommend that you consult your physician first before taking a warm and cold water therapy.