A Father ‘killed’ his baby with a kiss


Kaiden McCormickKaiden McCormick, a baby who was born prematurely with malfunction organ, died after getting a kiss from his father. This is due to the herpes virus that is transmitted by Carl Mclaren to his baby.

After being kissed by his father, Kaiden spent  six weeks in a life support machine. But doctors could not save him until the baby died after two months.

Carl and his wife Marrie-Claire was shocked when they find out their baby was suddenly ill when exposed to the herpes virus that can affect virtually everyone but is quite benign.

When the doctor explained that Kaiden got the herpes virus from his father, Carl immediately was depressed because he felt guilty. This man continues to blame himself for his son’s death.

“I never blame Carl. He never did anything but treat our baby with love and affection. I hate to see him punish himself,” said Marrie-Claire about her husband, as reported by the Daily Mail (04/05).

Meanwhile, Carl still regrets his actions of kissing Kaiden. Car feels that if he knew he could harm his child, he will not go near the baby and Kaiden would still be alive today.

Now Marrie-Claire is pregnant eight months and is expected to give birth to a baby girl next month. Marrie-Claire explains that this newborn child is then that will be a reason for them to stay alive. Even so, they will never forget Kaiden, who was their first child who died because of kiss.