A full moon makes women more fertile?


A full moon makes women more fertile

A unique research results related to the female reproductive cycle of the UK have found that the full moon is able to affect a woman’s fertile period.

“Maximum natural light that occurs when a full moon can affect the production of the hormone melatonin, which is involved in regulating a woman’s cycle. When the maximum production of these hormones, the woman’s egg production will also be maximized and make them more fertile,” said Dr. Philip Chenette from Pacific Fertility Center in San Francisco.

“At first I was aware of a unique health facts that occur in a woman’s reproductive cycle. I observed that the woman’s cycle occurs only for 28 days and then repeated every month with a fertile time occurs during a full moon. Then I associate with human lifestyle antiquity more live outdoors and exposed to maximum light month. So the phenomenon that makes me do this medical research. “