A Girl Who Could not Stop Laughing After a Brain Surgery


Enna StephensA little girl named Enna Stephens, never lost a single day without laughter. It all happened after the seven-year-old girl did a tumor removal surgery on her head.

Before entering the operating room, doctors warned her parents that the surgery would change the personality of Enna. She will be more likely depressed or irritable. However, in the case of Enna, the side effects of surgery was endless laughter.

Her mother, Vana, 40, said, “Enna can laugh for 15 minutes at a time, or all day. In the first surgery, she even giggled,” she said according to The Sun.

“One time, her grandmother held a banana and puts it like she was taking a cal so that Emma could laugh when her head was still wrapped in stitches. But she laughed the whole time.

“Once she starts to laugh, we also laugh because laughter is something that is contagious. And, it is a great way to release emotions,” she recalls times when Emma was awoke after the operation.

Vana, a police officer, added, “As she continues to giggle and could not stop, we took her to the hospital. There, she became hysterical.”

The girl from New Marske, Cleveland, is increasingly recovering from surgery, that damaged parts of the brain controlling the expression of emotion for a while.

The father, Dougie, 44, has his own opinion about his daughter, “Enna is very positive. She is a brave little girl.”