A Glass of Soda per day Increase Risk of Stroke


soda increase stroke riskWarning for those who like to consume soft drinks, especially women. Recent studies have shown that women who drink soda every day are at risk of developing a clot in the brain causing stroke.

Consumption of sweet drinks increase the risk of blood clots more than 80 percent in women, according to experts. However, the effect on men is lower.

The findings of a team of experts at the University of Osaka supports previous research that all sugary drinks, even those low in calories increase the chance of stroke in both sexes.

A number of studies linked soda consumption to obesity and type two diabetes, both of which are risk factors for stroke. While other studies links soda consumption to blood clots in the brain.

About 85 percent of stroke patients had an ischemic stroke, a blood clot that blocks the flow of blood from the heart to the brain. The rest is called hemorrhagic, which occurs the blood vessels in the brain bursts, causing fatal bleeding.

During the study, the research team at Osaka University tracked dietary habits, including intake of soda of almost 40 thousand men and women aged 40-59 years for 18 years. During that period, nearly 2,000 volunteers had a stroke. Drinking habits of the stroke patients were compared with those who did not experience blood clots.

The results, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, showed that women who drank soda every day have a83 percent risk of ischemic stroke. “Soft drink intake are positively associated with risk of ischemic stroke for women even in small amounts,” the scientists wrote, as quoted by the Daily Mail.