A Healthy Kiss Makes the Body Fit


kissing health benefitsKissing is not only a fun activity. Because researchers revealed that kissing also have health benefits. So what are the health benefits of kissing?

Well, here are some health benefits of kissing according to experts quoted from HealthArticles, which are:

1. Helps prevent tooth decay
“After eating, the mouth is usually full of sugar solution and saliva becomes more acidic, causing the formation of plaque. A kiss is a natural cleansing process. Kissing stimulates saliva flow and brings plaque levels in the normal value,” said Dr Peter curtains, a Dental Advisor from the British Dental Association.

2. reduce tension
“A passionate kiss is the most effective relaxation technique. When kissing breathing can become deeper and more regular,” says stress consultant, Michelle Kay McNabb.

3. Helps you lose weight
“A long kiss makes the metabolism to burn sugar faster than normal. Calories burned depends on the intensity, but on average it can burn 10 calories for every 10 minutes of kissing,” says Claire Potter.

4. Slow aging process
“A kiss can help tighten the cheeks and jaw muscles,” said a fitness consultant, Claire Potter.

5. improve fitness
“The heart beats faster and pumps blood better when kissing. When kissing the adrenalin is released into the bloodstream and the heart pumps blood throughout the body better,” said Dr. Susan Hotchkies.

6. Increase self-confidence
“There’s nothing better than a passionate kiss leading to a better feeling. When kissing can lead to better feeling, then the person will also feel good about themselves,” says psychotherapist Paul Zeal.