A man’s face could also predict fertility


A man's face could also predict fertility

Many women who fall in love just by looking at his face alone. But did you know that face, not only can make a man fall in love, but also could demonstrate their fertility! A recent study revealed that men face can provide clues about the quality of their sperm.

These results obtained researchers from the University of Valencia in Spain after making observations of 50 of their students. Not only analyzing the facial features, the researchers also analyzed the participants’ quality of sperm. They compared the masculinity and attractiveness factors of participants faces.

The study, published in the journal Evolutionary Biology reveals that men who have masculine faces actually have lower quality sperm than men who did not have a lot of masculine features on their faces. While people who have interesting faces are expected to have better quality sperm, as reported by the Women’s Health Mag (04/09).

Even so, researchers are not sure what caused this. One theory put forward is that the masculine face associated with high levels of testosterone. While testosterone levels that are too high can reduce sperm production.

But do not rush to judge men from their faces, Ladies. Researchers are still going to do further research in a larger scale to find the results more clearly, because this new study recently conducted on a small scale, namely on 50 men.