A Mother gave marijuana to her daughter who suffers from cancer


A 7 year old girl from Oregon suffers from leukemia making her the youngest patient who underwent treatment with marijuana. The mother of the  little girl, Mykayla Comstock was deliberately giver marijuana in order to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy.

As reported by Inquisitr, the mother named Erin Purchase said that marijuana was in the form of oil can overcome difficulty eating and vomiting caused by chemotherapy.

Nonetheless, Mykayla’s father, Jesse Comstock, who was divorced from his wife, is worried if the effects of the marijuana can adversely affect brain development in children. But Purchase insist that marijuana actually helps her live a normal life despite suffering from cancer.

“As a mother, I will try to do a variety of ways to make it better,” said Purchase.

Mykayla herself admitted that the marijuana helps to increase appetite and create a more restful sleep.

“Yeah, I find it helpful. You know, chemotherapy really made me want to stay up all night,” said Mykayla.

Comstock first noticed oddities of his daughter when visiting Mykayla some time ago. Through a laboratory test, Comstock then found a compound called THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, which is high on his daughter.

“She (Mykayla) is not seriously ill. She will recover and with the use of marijuana, of course, the growth of her brain will be disturbed. Her life choice is very limited because all of this is determined by her mother,” protested Comstock.

Meanwhile, in Oregon there is no clear law on the use of marijuana in the medical world by pediatricians. But most doctors are still trying to advise patients to use other drugs that are not made from marijuana to relieve the side effects of chemotherapy.