A painkiller is proven able to lower blood sugar


A painkiller is proven able to lower blood sugarA painkiller such as aspirin is known to reduce blood sugar levels in patients with type 2 diabetes, says a study.

The research also found that the drug can reduce the inflammation associated with type-2 diabetes. Unfortunately, the researchers also found that the drug can give bad side effects that can not be used to treat diabetes in the long term.

“This study suggests that salsalate may actually lower the level of sugar in the blood,” said study author Dr. Steven Shoelson of Harvard Medical School, as reported by U.S. News (01/07).

The results obtained after the researchers observed 286 participants aged 18 to 75 years. They are all type 2 diabetes patients. They were then asked to take salsalate for 48 weeks at a dose of 3.5 grams per day.

It was found that participants who took the drug experienced a decrease in blood sugar levels up to 0.37 percent compared with placebo participants who only consume. Not only that, good progress is also shown in uric acid levels, and blood fats.

Even so, the researchers also showed that these drugs can cause weight gain, up to 3 pounds compared to participants who consumed a placebo. It is actually reasonable considering a lot of drugs for type 2 diabetes often have side effects make fat.

For now, it is too early to make painkillers salsalate as a recommendation for patients with type 2 diabetes. Researchers should conduct further research and experiments to see the long-term risk and its influence on cardiovascular.