A Special Tattoo to Monitor Brain Wave and Pulse is Found


A new special tattoo is found. Unlike the ordinary tattoo that uses inks, this tattoo uses a super thin metal layer to form a particular pattern or image. The advantages compared to regular tattoos, these tattoos can record heart rate and brain waves.

Basically, this electronic tattoo was made to replace the medical devices that are considered impractical. With the milling cables, the device sometimes makes the patient feel uncomfortable or even stress when examined.

The function of this tattoo is to replace those devices, that monitor vital signs such as movement of body muscle to brain waves. The advantage of this tattoo is of course because it does not need wires, so the patients are more comfortable and are less stressful.

This technology is called a tattoo because its form is like a tattoo, it’s just that its motives could not be made as interesting as regular tattoos. The motifs that are available are just one kind, namely a box with lines that form an electrical circuits on computer chips.

These tattoos are not permanent, its  just like sticker tattoos that are often used by children but is claimed to be able to stick longer that is up to 2 weeks.

“What we do is redesign medical devices to better blend with human skin. Our goal is to make it blend in living tissue,” said John A Rogers of the University of Illinois who drafted the findings, according to the Dailymail.

The layer of ‘ink’ of metal attached to the skin has included an internal antenna that can transmit data, so they can be connected to a computer without having to use cables.

Unfortunately it is not known when the sophisticated tattoo will be released to the market, because it is still in the testing phase though the report had been published in the Science journal. Likewise, the issue of its price, Rogers does not dared to speculate.