A Vacation Makes You Sexy and Younger


vacation younger and sexierAs a way of escape from the bustle and routines that causes stress, many people choose to take a vacation in a trip. Scientists discover that a vacation trip can make someone younger and sexier.

People who spend a holiday by traveling are also more productive and have work efficiency.

Scientist David Eagleman, of Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, United States who was involved in the study of perception of time, say that holidays make people younger.

According to Eagleman, time are more ‘compressed’ in adults than children on holiday. Traveling to undiscovered and exotic places trigger the brain perceives the world as a child’s brain.

“The journey spent in the places that are unusual for 1-2 weeks give effect to ‘rejuvenate’,” he said, according to Fox News.

Besides enriching experiences and perspectives, holidays also give advantage intellectually, because it develops creativity. This is partly during planning and decision making in an unknown situation.

American social psychologist, William Maddux, claimed that often traveling to distant places develops the ability to be creative. However, there are times when it is not of any help to those who do not interact during the holidays, for example by simply watching television.

According to a study by online dating portal, ItsJustLunch, as published in Genius Beauty, people on holiday has two appeal at a time. Skin looks more healthy and their interesting stories and experiences during the holidays. Traveling is one of the main topics on the first date conversation, other than hobby.