A wonder drug made from cow urine


wonder drug made from cow urineDrugs can be made ??from a variety of plants or even certain substances you’ve probably never thought before. One is Gomutra Arka.

Gomutra Arka is a drug extracted from cow urine and is now a popular drug in Mangalore, in the state of Karnataka, India. This drug has been manufactured by Govanithashraya Trust.

Santhosh Kumar, the person in charge of the cattle camps of Govanithashraya Trust, said that the growing demand for these drugs actually make the company thinking of expanding their production units.

“We were able to sell about 10 liters of cow urine every day. And, we usually collect cow urine from different races, including malenadu gidda, kankrej and hallikaru,” said Santhosh as reported by Times of India (15/2).

This drug that sound disgusting at first glance, but it successfully treated more than a hundred diseases, including kidney disease, skin disease and gout.

Santhosh also added that the drug has the ability to purify the blood and prolong life. Medicinal properties of cow urine has also spread to the rest of India. Unmitigated, some doctors also drank Gomutra Arka to prevent various types of diseases. Want to try?