Abortions, Can They Cause Endometriosis?


No matter what kind of painless abortion you do, at the time of surgery, there is the potential to make the uterus wall thinning because scraping and sucking the endometrium repeated continuously. It also has resulted in making endometria fewer and fewer. Not only can cause bleeding, adhesion, and genital tract caused by intrauterine infection, but also lead to uterine perforation, menstrual disorders, amenorrhea, abdominal pain and more than ten kinds of complications. It can also lead to pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, and even infertility. About the abortion, the more times you do it, the greater harm you will suffer. If it is an underage girl, she is more easily to have sequelae.

It is more terrible that repeated abortions will make women’s future fertility possibility becomes smaller and smaller. It is difficult to get pregnant, and even successful pregnancy, it is also easy to abortion. Frequently, because the equipment is not complete, medical personnel are not professional, some more painless-abortion hospitals often has difficult to guarantee the operation safety of patients. Moreover, some physicians who lack of clinical experience will easily have improper operation, causing complications such as uterine perforation. Because the patients were injected with local anesthetic, they cannot feel pain, physicians do not easily find in operation, so it can cause bleeding, and even life-threatening. In addition, it also can cause drain suction, incomplete abortion, intrauterine adhesions and other complications..

How to treat endometriosis?

The treatment of endometriosis should be considered to the severity of illness, the difference of patient’s age and fertility circumstance. If the condition is serious, or for the performance of heavy dysmenorrhea, or positive endometriosis┬ánodules was found in pelvic inspection, you must take medication.