Achieving Peace by Swimming


swimming for the mindMaking exercise as an alternative way to reduce stress is worth a try. You do not need heavy exercise, but  you can do exercise that you like and makes you happy. If you like walking, why not try to walk after work? A healthy mind would support a strong body and soul.

In addition to walking, maybe you could try a relaxing swim. As told by Nancy Klinger to CNN. For the first time in her life, Nancy felt that swimming can deliver herself to the top of a sense of calm and peace. Nancy calls it with the term yoga, which is to achieve Zen.

“Some people say that Zen is the art of doing something or not do something. If that’s true, I feel that swimming brings me to the top of Zen,” says Nancy. She added, the she is very relaxed every time she swims.

The swimming done by Nancy is not the swimming done by most athletes, but the swimming is done by feeling relaxed and casual. Nancy does not rush her time does not use all her strength. She swims following the ability of breathing and remain constant with her body motion.

“I feel like being calmed by water and water calms me,” said Nancy. She does not feel panic, because she is certain that the density of water is greater than the density of the human body. “After all this is done in the pool, there is no need to be afraid of drowning. So I do not feeel like swimming, but the pool instead is flowing me,” she said.

Water essentially neutralizes gravity so that you become light when you are in the water. This situation provides the best conditions for relaxation and is much needed by the joints.

“You can swim almost every day without risk of injury,” said Joel Stager, Ph D, Director of the Counsilman Center for the Arts Center at the University of Indiana, Bloomington. “You can not apply it in other sports that require strength,” he said.

With swimming, you also do not need to fuss about the atmosphere around you. You just need to concentrate on your breath without worrying about joint injury. You have your own room and train your mind to focus without the need to run out of breath.