Acne makes people vulnerable to suicide?


Acne makes people vulnerable to suicideHaving many acne is certainly a problem for self confidence. However, a study showed that the effect of acne can also be dangerous. People who take medication for acne has a huge risk of suicide.

This was known by Swedish researchers at the Karolinska Institute after surveying 6,000 people in the year 1980 to 1989. The participants were  people who use the isotretinoin acne medication, a drug that is sold to treat serious acne since 1980.

Researchers found that the increased risk of suicide in people taking the drug is not due to the ingredients, but the depression felt by the participants suffered by acne.

Researchers then compared the data with the latest data from 1980 to 2001. As a result, 128 people who used the drug were hospitalized from a suicide attempt.

“Severe Acne is nothing light. This could be associated with increased risk of suicide,” said Anders Sundstrom, as reported by NBC News (12/11/10).

The experts found that the risk of suicide increases from one to three years after the treatment of acne. Usually patients require treatment many times and had to go back to the clinic to get treatment.

Even so, Sundstrom explained that the likelihood of someone to commit suicide because of acne problems are quite rare. There is one possibility among 2,300 people who use the acne medication. Sundstrom also believes, as long as the patient is good psychologically and have people who can monitor them, then the risk of suicide can be avoided.