Activities which Can Prevent Osteoporosis


gardening prevent osteoporosisDon’t ever let osteoporosis steal your bones. To prevent osteoporosis there are some activities which can be done through fun hobbies.

Here some activities which can prevent osteoporosis:

Lifting the pot, dragging sacks of soil, and digging holes are useful in forming bone mass.

Water sports
Many water sports can provide real exercise needed by the bone. For example, surfing which needs a lot of body movement. Maintaining body balance is also a very big task.

All types of dance will be a good exercise for bone. Ball-room dance, swing, or hip-hop dance can help improve balance and posture, and probably will help prevent someone from falling.

Hiking to the top of a hill gives a lot of load on the muscles and the way down will give a greater burden on the bones.

Cycling is an exercise that requires skill. In addition to making the body more balanced, heart and lungs also works. Leg muscle movement, arms, abdomen, and back is enough to make the body move.