Acupuncture is Effective to Restore Health After Breast Cancer


acupuncture treatment after breast cancerChinese method of treatment, the acupuncture is proved to be very useful for human health. There has been many examples of the benefits of acupuncture treatment. It was even known that acupuncture helps lose weight.

Acupuncture is also very recommended for people with breast cancer. This therapy is used to restore the balance of Chi in the body. Researchers in the UK, conducted clinical trials on traditional healing methods. And this is the first clinical trial. Hundreds of patients who are experience “exhausted” systemic change, claimed to be healthier overall.

The changing of system meant is, stress due to biological changes, chemotherapy procedures that cause pain, gastrointestinal dysfunction, mental dysfunction, neurological dysfunction, and endocrinological dysfunctions such as hair loss, hot flashes, and decreased arousal.

Alex Molassiotis, a research professor at the University of Manchester says that researchers were pleased to see so many patients that may benefit substantially from acupuncture.

One of the patients involved in the study, Julie Wray (55), also said the same thing, after she tried acupuncture to cope with systemic disorders. The mother of two children already did acupuncture since 2006, when she was getting cancer treatment.

Acupuncture therapy which was initiated by Breakthrough Breast Cancer, are conducted in 10 hospitals in the UK. Including Manchester Christie Hospital and the Royal Marsden in London.

Earlier, the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK, only used acupuncture to cure back pain. Upon these findings, the researchers then conducted further research on the cost effectiveness of therapy, and whether acupuncture can also be useful in other types of cancer.

In the case of breast cancer, Dr. Julia Wilson, head of research of the Breakthrough Breast Cancer explained her observation. She said the death rate from breast cancer began to decline. This means that the patient has to think about their quality of life after treatment. “This is very promising results. Suggesting acupuncture therapy for physical and mental disorder that comes after surgery and cancer treatment,” she told the Daily Mail.

Previous research about this method states that acupuncture is ineffective for stroke recovery.